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    Contact Us

    • Address: 94 Foster Ave. Rockaway, NJ 89800
    • Phone: 684-990-345-389-5623

    Become an affiliate

    STEP 1

    Sign up. It’s absolutely FREE. All you need to do is create an account to get started.

    STEP 2

    Put your affiliate link on your website or share it with others through your blog or social media.

    STEP 3

    Earn a 10% commission if someone buys through your link. Get paid through Paypal on a monthly basis.

    What Our Affiliates Love About Amoovars

    • 10% commission on each sale you refer
    • $69 Average Order Value
    • Over 7% conversion rate, climbing to 10% or higher during holidays
    • Brand Recognition and Loyalty

    Who Makes The Perfect Amoovars Affiliate?

    • Our affiliates are passionate about travel & photography and truly live life on the move.
    • Our affiliates have an audience of people who learn from and trust their advice on travel gear.
    • Our affiliates have a passion for travel and demand the highest of their travel gear!
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